Play sessions meet twice a week, 1 hours each. Two-hour play sessions once per week (typically on Saturdays) are also available. When you are ready to register your child(ren), you are asked to indicate optimal day and time options from among the corresponding field.

All the children are placed together regardless of their proficiency in the native language(s) or English. All communication during play sessions occurs in English, and our teachers and assistants adjust to the individual needs of children during activities.

Each play group is limited to 8-12 children.

Each play group of children has one teacher and one assistant.

Payment information is presented below:

One Child Only Two Siblings More Than Two Siblings
For general public 20,000 AMD 15,000 AMD per child 13,000 AMD per child
For AUA affiliates 18,000 AMD 13,000 AMD per child 10,000 AMD per child