Dear parents and caregivers,

The AUA Sprout Program is located at Aram, 92. If you have any questions, please call us at 096-696-880, 096-696-220 or send us a message at Also Follow our Facebook page at

Thank you very much for your interest in our program.

About Sprout

Sprout, the AUA Preschool Program, is a project that belongs to the Center for Research in Applied Linguistics at the American University of Armenia.

AUA Sprout provides high quality English-medium educational services to 3-5-year-old children. The key components of the program include:

  • Creating a natural environment for children with plenty of opportunity to engage in activities that they are naturally attracted to;
  • Nurturing children's talents for languages, independence, service, responsibility, and other qualities inherent in all children.

Play sessions consist of group and individual activities:

  • listening to stories told by teacher from picture books
  • arts and crafts activities: drawing, coloring, painting with brushes, finger-painting, clay modeling, cutting, gluing, and more
  • singing and other exercises to develop appreciation of music
  • playing with open-ended toys, such as blocks and geometric shapes
  • simple cooking projects and having snacks
  • physical activity
  • simple clean-up activities
  • gardening and taking care of plants and animals
  • playing in the playground
  • field-trips

Monthly Fees

One Child Only Two Siblings More Than Two Siblings
For general public 20,000 AMD 15,000 AMD per child 13,000 AMD per child
For AUA affiliates 18,000 AMD 13,000 AMD per child 10,000 AMD per child

*Children and grand-children of AUA faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Proof of AUA affiliation is required: 1) photo ID of the adult family member affiliated with AUA, 2) official document showing relationship to the child(ren), and 3) any official document showing your affiliation with AUA.

If you choose to withdraw your child from the Program, the following fees apply:

  • A fixed administrative fee of 5,000 AMD regardless of the number of children enrolled from the household.
  • A fee for the play sessions that the child has attended for the paid period.


Play sessions meet twice a week, 1 hours each. Two-hour play sessions once per week (typically on Saturdays) are also possible. When you are ready to register your child(ren), you are asked to indicate optimal day and time options from among those available. For more information about day and time options, visit our Registration form in English section.

Play Groups

All the children are placed together regardless of their proficiency in the native language(s) or English. All communication during play sessions occurs in English, and our teachers and assistants adjust to the individual needs of children during activities.

Each play group is limited to 8-12 children.

Each play group of children has one teacher and one assistant.

Sprout Teachers, Assistants, and Custodian/Childcare Attendant

We carefully select and train our staff to provide caring and qualified experience to your children. We provide regular professional development opportunities for our teachers and assistants. They are also expected to stay informed of the latest research findings and practices in the field of child language acquisition and psychological development.

  • Our Sprout Teachers are all graduates or graduating students in the Master’s program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, at the American University of Armenia. They:
    • Are passionate about working with preschool children
    • Speak English fluently and accurately
    • Are trained as English teachers of young learners
    • Have extensive experience in working with preschool children
  • Our Sprout Teacher Assistants are typically graduate or undergraduate students at the American University of Armenia. They:
    • Are passionate about working with preschool children
    • Speak English fluently and accurately
    • Have some experience in working with preschool children
  • Our Sprout Custodian/Childcare Attendants provide safe and comfortable conditions for your children and help them with their basic needs. They:
    • Enjoy taking care of little children
    • Speak the native language of most children: Armenian and sometimes Russian and/or Farsi

Parents during Play Sessions

Parents can leave their children during play sessions. If your child(ren) feel insecure staying during play sessions without you, you welcome to join the play session.




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